Dumpster Frequently Asked Questions

How much does your trash dumpster cost?  
Our prices are very competitive, so please call the office to speak to an agent regarding container prices.

How soon can I get a trash bin?
If you call in the afternoon, we can usually get you a trash bin the next morning. If you call in the morning, we can
usually get you a trash bin that afternoon. We appreciate having 24 hours notice, but we will always try to work within
your time frame.

What materials are considered hazardous? How can I properly dispose of them?
The following materials are hazardous: asbestos, treated wood (telephone poles and railroad ties), oil, paint,
chemicals, propane tanks, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, etc. If you have paint cans where the paint is totally dry, then
it is not hazardous. Tires are not hazardous, but they pose a problem at the landfill, so we charge an extra $15 per
tire. To get information about hazardous waste disposal centers and programs, call 800-98-TOXIC (800-988-6942),
or go to the following website: www.ciwmb.ca.gov.  

How much room do I need for the trash dumpster?
For a 30-yard dumpster, our largest dumpster, you need approximately 40 feet in length, which is about 33 car

How high can we fill the trash dumpsters?
Never fill a trash bin higher than the side-walls.

Does that price include an unlimited amount of swaps since I paid for a week?
No it does not. Our price is for one trash dumpster. If you fill it up and need us to dump it, then you would pay for
another trash bin.
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